Devon Studios is an ambitious project regarding the Pokémon franchise which principally focuses on the RNG game mechanics and their manipulation.

Originally we started this journey back in 2013, creating the New Order of Breeding forum which we kept updated until this day. The early idea was building a place that could be suitable for anyone who wanted to learn about the RNG abusing, but also for veterans that were already part of this community for years.

The main goal was to give solid and detailed explanations about the Pokémon RNG manipulation, in order to achieve the results in the easiest and fastest way possible. This was against the idea of some people who wanted to keep some of the knowledge hidden for the purposes of having “rare” and “exclusive” Pokémon for trading and/or collecting reasons.

The ultimate objective is to give access to all this information through our guides, making anyone able to easily understand them. Devon Studios is no less than an evolution of the original New Order of Breeding project and its legacy still lives inside this website.

Hey! We are Drakero and _Dragon, those behind the scenes of the Devon Studios website. Our goal is to provide a complete overview on the RNG mechanics explained in an easy way, so everyone can understand it and get their dreamed Pokémon.

It all started with the idea of writing some guides in Italian, which were missing back in the days. As eleven years-old boys we were forced to rely on english guides that were not always helpful, so we were often troubled by the process of obtaining those Pokémon.

We are doing our best to expand outside of the Italian environment; with this in mind more english translations will be done as soon as possible.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is a mechanic implemented in all Pokémon games.

It consists in an algorithm which generates pseudo-random values that are used to determine the outcome of any action that involves randomness. For example the Wild creature appearing in tall grass and its skills set (IVs, Nature, etc.), or if a paralyzed Pokémon will attack or not.

We often call it PRNG to remark that this process is not fully random. Each time we load the game a base value known as “Initial Seed” is derived and put inside the algorithm: in most cases it is originated from the Date and Time, so we can predict it and how the algorithm will evolve.

On this website you can find up to date guides that will teach you how to manipulate the outcome of the algorithm, leading to an encounter with the desired Pokémon. A bunch of Tools and Lua Scripts are also available to help you through the entire process.

Join us on Discord and let’s talk about a strategy to solve your problem!