Greetings trainers! It’s the Devon Studios team here and we have the pleasure to present this new project that will feature tutorials and in-depth looks at both software and hardware customisations of your favourite consoles. Unlike the original project started with New Order of Breeding, this time we want to expand our horizons treating topics that we unfortunately haven’t experimeted before. In fact we’re going to release guides about retro consoles and mainly the Nintendo ones.

As many of you have probably guessed already, the purpose of all of this is to improve the game experience, employing the recent technologies to give a modern look to our beloved old consoles that we used to play with when we were childrens.

This is also a consequence after years spent RNGing in the old GBA and DS Pokémon games, so it is finally time to see our digital monster companions with a fresher retro look on their native consoles. Your collection will have a breathstanding look after our tips!

Coming Soon